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When I paint I look for the reality of the work, removing my thoughts from everything other than the nature of the work itself.  I make calm images created by the working of time, sunlight, temperature and the humidity of the day on drying pigment.  Repeatedly layering a color on a canvas, I wait for the elements to work on it.


For me, painting is when color takes me to where the pigment becomes more than but a color. I am in a meditative process, as I allow the work to belong within itself, a unique area.  As I paint, the evolving image suggests its own direction.


I would like for viewers to sense my internal being which metaphorically is translated into fermented hues and layers.  My paintings are not the “thing” at all, they breathe by themselves, talk to us quietly, and lead us further along towards a beautiful truth.



Da Aie Park, 

Pink Plane 1, Acrylic on Panel 24_x24_,2019.jpg
Blue Plane 51 acrylic on panel 24x24inch 2020.jpg
Gajeesack3 Acrylic on panel., 16'x16 in 2020jpg.jpg
2021-10-12 15.30.41.jpg
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